Colour Belt Grading

The next club grading is TBA 

  • Pre grading session.(included in the price) Start time TBA
  • Please make payment before the grading where possible please as this keeps the queue for registering attendance on the night to a minimum.
  • Grading starts TBA
  • White TAGB Doboks only to be worn
  • Questions from the list of words on the sheet. please print off from the downloadable sheet in the grading & terminology section of the website and make yourself familiar with them.
  • Questions asked will be from your belt level and also anything from your previous belts as your knowledge and confidence increases.  
  • I have the terminology book available to buy or you can download from the website.
  • Also the TAGB has a Korean quiz page which is really usefull.

Terminology sheets

Please print off the applicable sheet for your belt from the downloadable link below.

You are Current Belt   Next Belt   Download
10th Kup White Tae Kwon Do White Belt Tae Kwon Do Yellow Stripe you need > 10th kup
9th Kup White + Yellow Stripe you need > 9thKup.doc
8th Kup Yellow you need > 8thKup(1).doc
7th Kup Yellow + Green Stripe you need > 7thkup(1).doc
6th Kup Green you need > 6thkup(2).doc
5th Kup Green + Blue Stripe you need > 5thkup(1).doc
4th Kup Blue you need > 4thkup.doc
3rd Kup Blue + Red Stripe you need > 3thkup.doc
2nd Kup Red you need > 2ndkup.doc
1st Kup Red + Black Stripe you need > 1stkup.doc
 Black Belt Star Grading
        star grading info (pdf)



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