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The Art: Taekwondo is derived from several martial arts with it's main influence being Tae-Kyon-Korean kick fighting.  Literally translated Tae is to kick smash with feet, Kwon means to intercept or strike with the hand and Do is the way of the art. Thus Tae Kwon Do is the use of the hands and feet to swiftly overcome an attacker.

The Sport: (Competition Taekwondo is purely optional) 

Competition Taekwondo is split into three sections :

Sparring:  All matches are semi contact with full safety equipment worn to avoid the risk of injury. The pace is fast and furious. It had been described as the most visually breathtaking sport since chariot racing.  Winners are decided from a points system with referees constantly monitoring the bout to keep strict control on contact.

Patterns: Concentration, technique, skill, balance, dynamics and elegance are just a few requirements need to perform these sequences of pre-arranged movements against imaginary opponents.

Destruction:   This section is strictly for higher grade adult students involving the breaking of boards with bare hands or feet displaying a level of discipline and skills in this spectacular event.


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So come along to East Northants Tae Kwon Do, we have clubs in Corby, Kettering, and Thrapston .

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